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Pride FM
Inapasua mawimbi
87.8 FM
Pride FM is a commercial radio station based in Mtwara municipality with local affiliation transmitting 24 hours, 7 days a week. Our area of coverage is within Mtwara, Tandahimba, Newala, Masasi, Lindi, Ruangwa, Nanyumbu, Nachingwea and Kilwa districts. During some periods of the day (and during the night) we can also be heard as far away as some parts of Rufiji and Mafia (Coast Region). This coverage area is more than 80 percent of all the area of Mtwara and Lindi regions. Also, Mtwara being on the border, we can be heard well into Mozambique and in the Comoros off the Indian Ocean coastline. Our immediate goal is to cover the whole of Mtwara, Lindi and Ruvuma. This area is like a barren island as far as the radio coverage (and media at large) is concerned. We are ready for the challenge to act as a bridge to enable people of this area to be informed through our radio which has been well received by the people as their liberator.